A Poem I Wrote When I Was a Whiny Girl

The bearer of this all is who I am

I take people’s sorrow, their pain, their pride

And I swallow it up and keep it inside.


“You’re so loving, Lauren”

“You’re so special, Lauren”

“You’re so loved, Lauren”


Yet I am always apart,

Just as certainly by my own making

as the empty fumes of words from sincerely naive mouths


I know I get aloof,

Anxiety ridden, it’s true

And yet I try to overcome this,


But yet it is as if I can only be

That girl who people want in their lives

For no particular reason other than she cares


I am selfish

I understand that

I want to be loved



Words Are Weapons

Words are like pin pricks on the skin,

pulling over and over again on sensitive flesh.

Instead of blood beading from the verbal thorns

tears roll down the emotionally wounded chest.

Your words carry a weight, they can define you,

confine you, or create someone fresh and new.

I wield words like a sword, careful not to slice too thick lest I maim your

heart and lacerate your soul.

I want to crush you because of your lack of words.

I give and I give just to pacify the cacophony of silence and things unsaid.

It’s madness, you make me sick,

sick in the heart and the head.

I want to tear you apart and build you again based on the things you’ve never said.

I’ve decided to destroy you.

My words act like a sweet poisonous kiss,

ready to wreck your heart and maim your chest.

But yet I stay silent. You aren’t dead to me yet but you will be soon


Better yet, kill me instead.

Use your words voice,

it can only be a whisper

but it will still echo through my head like a damn roar.

Kill me, please. Say something.

This Is A Poem About Time

Pernicious is the everlasting dream

That turns and twists and fails to become free

The white rabbit taunts me, running and sings:

“This is all just imaginary, see,

Infinity is just infinity

It’s human emotion and human greed.”

But sweetly the flowers with clarity,

Enlighten us passionately, no, pleads:

“As the sun sets, and the moon rises high,

So too we all must live, craving the light,

But ultimately we live to all die.”

Do not be afraid, this is not to fright

      This is not to despair, it is not coy.

      A life long to live is a life of joy.