Why Don’t You Just Leave? An Ode to those who shame survivors

Her face is crumbling,

Porcelain surely broken

Worn down by years of broken anthems

Her mismatched eyes gleaming in the witch light

Witch light

Whitch light

Which light

I haven’t got a clue

I am but a whisper as I hear thump thump,

It comes closer

Her heart pumping

As it comes from the blue

Her mismatched eyes seem to have become unglued

As the facts of her life seem to fly right before her

Like a child who has been fed too much food to swallow

She gags on this knowledge

This terrible forbidden fruit

The truth snuck up

It has eaten her to pieces.

She can’t not see it now

They say naivety is for those

Who do not have the grit

To see what their life has become.


As her porcelain face crumbles to pieces,

Her mismatched eyes have become unglued.